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The Sacoche Monsieur team

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Sacoche Monsieur is the captivating story of two friends with a passion for saddlebags and the digital world. Driven by an entrepreneurial spirit and a desire to create something unique, they imagined their own business. Finally, in 2021, their dream took shape with the launch of, a site dedicated to selling bags with a distinctly masculine style.

The project, marked by originality and quality, quickly aroused great enthusiasm. The duo’s boundless energy inspires a dynamic team, attracting the attention of investors, prestigious brands and suppliers. Together, they embark on an extraordinary adventure, propelling Sacoche Monsieur to new horizons.

With a rigorous selection of products and an acute sense of customer service, the site is fast becoming a benchmark for lovers of elegant, functional bags. Each bag offered on the site tells a story, reflecting the identity and values of its creators, brilliantly combining style and practicality.

Sacoche Monsieur’s success is based on an innovative marketing strategy and an active presence on search engines, creating a loyal and committed community. The founders, always ready to listen to their customers, continue to evolve and adapt their offer to meet current trends and the specific needs of their clientele.

Sacoche Monsieur is the story of a human and entrepreneurial adventure, where passion, determination and innovation combine to create a brand that is a must-have in the world of men’s accessories.


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Our headquarters are based in the heart of Paris, reflecting our commitment to being at the center of French innovation and creativity.