How to carry a man’s satchel

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Dear gentlemen, do you own a men’s satchel and don’t know how to carry it? Do you have several of these and often wonder which outfits to match them with? How do you create a unique style with a besace, a clutch, a tote bag, a small shoulder bag or a purse? It’s very easy when you have a few pointers. All you have to do is follow these guidelines and add your own touch of originality.

The basic purpose of a satchel is to hold personal belongings. However, these little bags have become trendy fashion accessories. Whether you’re going for a casual look or a conventional ensemble, you need the right men’s satchel, and you need to know how to show it off.

Stylish with a black satchel

Combining the men’s bag you own with your outfit to create an eye-catching result remains a challenge for many people. So if you’ve got a black satchel of any kind, you can rest assured: it goes with any outfit. But we agree, you can’t keep a leather satchel to go to the beach, for example!

For a black leather satchel, a long coat and a men’s pea coat are the perfect outfits. You can also opt for a shoulder bag when you’re wearing a long coat. In this case, it’s all about the colors.

Stylish with a men’s handbag or backpack

Handbags are no longer just for women. It has a very important place in today’s men’s dressing room. Are you more of a chic, rock or casual hipster? handbags to suit every style.

Depending on your outfit, you need to know which bag is right for you. For example, for work or a business meeting, you can opt for a handbag. Are you in costume? A dark brown or black handbag might do the trick. Going out with friends? A hike or a leisurely stroll? A nice backpack will go perfectly with your jeans, a t-shirt and a bomber jacket. Want more precision? We then proceed by look.

Choosing a men’s satchel to match your style

Whether you’re a businessman or a streetwear man, there’s a bag or type of bag for you. Like the men’s backpack, the men’s clutch bag is very much in vogue today. These models have long since ceased to be the exclusive preserve of women. From the most discreet versions (fanny pack, shoulder bag), to the flashiest versions like leather clutches, there’s something for everyone.

The Sportwear look

This is the easiest look to adapt to a satchel. If sneakers, T-shirts, jeans, zip-up jackets and hoodies are the dominant pieces in your dressing room, this paragraph is for you. Choose a men’s clutch bag in a casual style.

It can be a fanny pack, a more or less retro but timeless model. Choose your favorite sportswear brand, a specific color or a leather version. The best way to wear a fanny pack in style is to tie it between one of your shoulders and your waist.

The urban look

For an urban chic look, the most suitable bag is a men’s clutch in fabric or leather. A quick reminder: if your dressing room is half office look and half office style, you’re an urban chic man.

On the other hand, if you often carry a lot of personal belongings, fabric or leather satchels are excellent. They can be carried by hand or slung over the shoulder, depending on your style of the day.

Look ideas:

  • Blue chino + patterned shirt + loafers + camel bag
  • Jeans + t-shirt collar + sneakers + shoulder bag (small)

The business man look for men’s bags

Yes, a businessman too can adopt a men’s satchel. If you have 2-piece or 3-piece suits in your wardrobe, or just shirts and pants for everyday use, the luxury men’s satchel is the ideal choice.

They come in a variety of designs (shoulder strap, handbag, etc.). On the other hand, it’s rare to find a luxury satchel that isn’t in black leather or camel imitation leather. Choose quality cowhide leather bags.

Luxury satchels are very practical, as they are often small or medium-sized. But there’s still plenty of room for a businessman’s personal belongings.

If you’re a businessman, you’ll want to carry a man’s clutch in your hand. This accessory gives you style and makes you look trendy and elegant. With a wool coat, wool hat, dress shoes and a pretty turtleneck, you’ve got the total business man look.

Focus on the different men’s bags in leather

differents types sacoches homme cuir marron noir edited scaled
Different types of leather bags for men

We agree, the choice of a men’s leather satchel depends on your tastes… and a little on fashion too. And right now, leather bags are making a comeback. There are all kinds: leather motorcycle bags, leather PC bags, leather backpacks, leather shoulder bags and leather briefcases (for A4 documents).

It’s perfectly possible to adapt your own style to each bag. Just rely on your needs, your wardrobe, your fashion sense, your daily routine and our invaluable advice.

Ultimately, there are two main types of men’s bags currently on trend. Men’s clutch bag and backpack. You can have both and change them to suit your daily look. However, remember to wear them with confidence and class. Especially for the pouch, which is quite discreet but very practical.

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